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  The bird valley :  
Located in the heart of an ancient wadi the birds valley extends from downtown to the waterfront esplanade of the 2.5 acres of this site were planted with exotic species such as magnolia, calistemon the parkinsonia and populated with unusual birds like the ladies of Numidian and rheas. A treat for lovers of exotic South American or Asian flourish in a reconstituted environment and successfully alongside animals from the local wildlife such as Barbary sheep and Barbary apes birds.
  The médina of Agadir :  
The médina is a cultural conceived realized village recently by Snow Polizzi, craftsman master born scene-painter to Morocco, gadiri of adoption. On a surface besides of four hectares, this village revives so as skilful and reflected features of the médina moroccan The médina wants equally an hommage to craftsmen and artistes of the region. Youngs exercising in 25 workrooms of the médina register in the prolongation of the regional tradition : potters, cabinet-makers, layers of zelliges, ironmongers, etc. Placed in the forest of eucalyptus who separates Agadir of Inezgane, the médina Polizzi proposes equally to spaces visitors of restoration and commerces.
  The Kasbah Agadir oufella :  
Incontournable kasba ! She dominates the ocean to more 216 ms on heights of Oufella, giving a marvellous panorama on the town, the bay and the hinterland . Edifiée in 1540 by Mohammed Ech Cheikh, founder of the dynasty Saadienne, this fortress has not resisted against the earthquake . His ramparts and ins doors have been restored whilst remain them of this ancient fortified place have been transformed into necropolis. One has access him by a road giving a marvellous panorama.
  Souk El Had :  
Deprived of his ancient médina by the earthquake of 1960, Agadir proposes a souk to the facies more modern : Souk El Had. This is the principal supply residents place of Agadir for the alimentation, clothes, goods of current equipment. One there finds equally of numerous artisanal articles. The Saturday and Sunday, market-days , souk El Had takes dimensions more imposing.
  The garden of Olhao :  
The garden of Olhao, or portuguese garden, celebrate the coupling of Agadir with the portuguese town of Olhao. It commemorates therefore historic ties of those country. To this green punctuated space of water-supplies points , of lanes and of architectural inspired realizations of the regional tradition, is annexed a museum dedicated to the memory of Agadir. In this museum, strong city moments (construction, destruction, reconstruction) look through a series of photographies, of stamps and of journals. It locates near to the French Institute of Agadir.
  The museum :  
The new municipal museum has openned his gateways in 1994, it shelters today a formidable together of berber jewels who take the rôle of the patrimony of Souss Massaged Daraa. It gives to visitors a journey in the tense and does them to uncover the Knowldge of the moroccan jewelry of the Souss. This is a thesaurus of beauties, the museum is to a zero of metres of the C.C.I.
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